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I recently bought a bottle of your Fresh Gear spray at the Canton Cup tournaments this past weekend. I'm pretty sure once I sprayed the teams gear the rest of the parents from the BASARenegades bought it as well! I don't know what is in it but it is a MIRACLE Worker! I have shared it with tons of friends and family and hope you see orders rolling in from them. You earned s lifetime customer with me for sure! Thank you!

I have lived with extreme foot odor my entire life and as a result, very rarely get more than 3 months use from a pair of shoes or boots. I have used virtually every odor eliminator on the market with no satisfactory results. Imagine my shock and surprise to discover a product, Fresh Gear, that has actually lived up to its promise to eliminate foot odor. The results were almost immediate and now my shoes and boots are odor free. I cannot thank Fresh Gear enough for solving my foot odor problem and saving me a lot of money in not having to buy shoes and boots on a regular basis. As the label says, “It Works, Period.”


Sharing an SUV with my daughter and her volleyball knee pads and shoes had become intolerable. You can only imagine what it’s like driving with this gear in the passenger compartment, only a few feet away from us. Since we have been using Fresh Gear, even the winter road trips are delightful.


Our son’s hockey equipment was taking the fun out of any road trip to play. We were seriously considering selling our SUV and buying a pickup truck. Fresh Gear saved the day. Thank you for a great product.


Coming into my 39th consecutive year of playing competitive hockey, (4 times State Champion, 1 National Championship, 1 runner up National Championship and current beer league hack) I had long ago abandoned any hope of having my wife allow my hockey gear in the house due to its foulness. She wasn’t fond of it in the garage either. After treating my gear, the odor is gone!! Seriously. My wife loves me and my gear again. Thanks.


I was the guy on the verge of being banished from the locker room due to the smell of my hockey gear, no small feat in that environment. Fresh Gear brought all of my equipment back from the dead, including a pair of 27 year old knee pads. I thank you on behalf of my teammates, who are also using it. Great product, thanks for introducing it to me.


I wanted to thank you for the recommendation of your Fresh Gear product. As you know I have 2 daughters who play hockey, and getting into our SUV filled with 2 full sets of hockey gear was like traveling in a mobile boy’s locker room. The odor was significant, unpleasant and long lasting. Since I have been spraying their equipment with your Fresh Gear product the change is amazing. Not only is the odor elimination immediate, the positive effect of the product lasts through several practices.


As a long time cigar smoker, I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to Fresh Gear. It is truly amazing how quickly and thoroughly Fresh Gear eliminates cigar odors in my car, home and on my clothing. I can smoke a cigar in my car on the way to a meeting or home and then spray my clothing upon exiting the vehicle. When I walk into the house my wife cannot smell any smoke odor on me. It has made my cigar smoking life acceptable to all around me. It is also great at removing pet odors and other odors around the house. We especially like it in the bathroom. Cool product.

Our collegiate volleyball team was competing on the West coast and traveling by bus. Our personal gear bags were with us in the passenger area. One of our teammates took pride in having worn and never washed her knee pads, the smell was awful. While she was asleep we snuck into her room, took her bag and sprayed everything with Fresh Gear- she be mad, we be happy!